Domino's Pizza

Steve Hesmondhalgh & Associates LLP are one of a small number of planning consultancies who are recognised by Domino's Pizza HQ as providing a high quality service for their franchisees.  We have been working successfully on various Domino's Pizza outlets throughout the Northern region to deal with planning issues the owner of many of their stores has been facing in connection with the particular way the business operates.

Domino's Pizza have a different business strategy to most take away pizza outlets and their planning approvals should reflect this.  While stores may open till late for doorstep customers, the delivery times can often run through the night and planning approvals should reflect this.  Without explanation with Council planners and Environmental Health Officers many Councils simply apply the standard conditions and these impact upon each business.

Successful planning applications for stores in the North East will soon be followed by proposals for stores rolled out across the rest of England over the next 12 months.

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