New housing in a difficult market

At a time of great difficulty in the housing market the team were able to advise landowners and developers following the approval of a scheme for 75 houses - changing this to 90 houses.  Viability is everything in the current housing market and finding ways in which to keep costs low while improving the product for our clients is paramount to us.

At Steve Hesmondhalgh & Associates LLP we want to see development going ahead.  Through our creative thinking and the sensible approach adopted by the Council we hope to see houses appearing later in 2013.

The team is currently working on a number of housing projects through development clients who are delivering affordable housing schemes for Registered Social Landlords throughout the Northern Region.

  • So many housing schemes that will not be built...

    Finding the right development client and the most viable scheme for a site is the key to seeing new housing being built. Steve is now working with developers who can target specific housing markets in areas of lower demand. Contact him to find out more..

    01423 885378 or 07792585330

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